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John James "Jim" Carney

May 26, 1935 to April 14, 2023

I created this website in loving memory of my father John James Carney, aka Jim Carney.

He was one of the lucky ones, who was able to make a successful career out of what he loved to do - make films.


This passion took him all around the world, and provided him with unique experiences and diverse friendships that he forever cherished.

He was also a very loving father, who had a significant impact on who I became. They say "the apple never falls far from the tree". 

Its been a year since his passing, and there is a lot of unpack from his 87 exciting years of life, so this site will remain a work in process for some time.


However, I am but one person who was touched by him, so please do contact me with any stories, memories, films you have of keep his memory stong.

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